Patons Country Narrow Gauge Railway helps the Creighton Municipality.

The Creighton - Ingwe municipality receives help from PCNGR. In a move to enter the standard gauge operations PCNGR whose name is to change to Patons Country Railway has fomed a partnership with the Ingwe municipality where they are to help restore and supply a locomotive and develop rail infrastructure to support running steam on the Cape Natal line. This is part of the Cape natal tourism initiative. USR who were the custodians of 2669 were approached to release the loco to the Ingwe municipality for restoration and use.

The 19D 2669 was found and identified as the loco of choice to kick start the operation. 

Stevens Mechanical replaced the tubes and blown element. Patons Country Railway rebuilt the brick arch, smoke box and spark arrestors.

On Saturday 19 Februray the loco traveled from Masons Mill in Pietermaritzburg to Creighton. The loco departed at 6-30 am and arrived in Creighton at 2-30 pm.

2669boiler.jpg (35388 bytes)

2669elements.jpg (34992 bytes)

sparkarrest.jpg (23378 bytes)

Inspecting boiler - Tubes replaced

One of the elements replaced

Rebuilding Spark arrestors on 2669

brickarch.jpg (23554 bytes)

sparkcomp.jpg (64010 bytes)

2669steam.jpg (58680 bytes)

Rebuilding brick arch

Spark Arrestor Complete

Steam testing

2669paint.jpg (70109 bytes)

2669crtn.jpg (67496 bytes)

team.jpg (69779 bytes)

2669 painted and ready to go

2669 in Creighton at the platform

The team bringing 2669 to Creighton