The Creighton Project and The EshayaMoya Express


The GF 2416

Patons Country Narrow Gauge Railway helps the Ingwe Municipality - Creighton.

The Creighton - Ingwe municipality receives help from PCNGR. In a move to enter the standard gauge operations PCNGR whose name is to soon change to Patons Country Railway has formed a partnership with the Ingwe municipality where they are to help restore and supply locomotives and develop rail infrastructure to support running steam on the Cape Natal line. This is part of the Cape Natal tourism initiative.

Former Councillor Dudley Smith who is now employed by the Ingwe municipality as the LED officer is the innovator behind this project. A number of applicants for grants to have been approved for the municipality. The funds are being used to create a whole rail tourism infrastructure with the municipality creating an enabling environment to ensure the success of rail tourism and the much needed poverty alleviation to the area.

The successful application for all the funds will ensure amongst other things: The restoration of Mason's Mill steam depot as a working museum. This will form the hub from which steam trips will take place. : The restoration of two to three steam locomotives. These still have to be identified and this will happen soon. These locos will then be available to the various organisations running steam in the Pietermaritzberg Southern Kwa-Zulu Natal area for use. It is envisaged that the various municipalities will be custodians of the locomotives : The restoration of Pentrtch Station as a departure point for the various steam and rail trips out of Pietermaritzberg.: The restoration of the Phele Pepe Coaches.

Patons Country Railway have been awarded the tender to design and oversee the rail infrastructure and have also been awarded part of the construction contract. This is a move that will to ensure local employment. Patons Country Railway scored a maximum of 90 points with the next nearest competitor in the bid scoring only 75 points.

The Coaches The Locomotives The Inspection / ash pit The Triangle The Water Tank Engine Pit and Shed


Minister of tourism

Track work at Creighton

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