THE GF 2416

Unfortunately along with many other locomotives this one was moved to Millsite in Krugersdorp. The idea was a good one but unfortunately the visionary never had the ability to see the great project through. The time has now come with all the machinery and knowledge that exists to start restoring all the locomotives at Millsite.

Spoornet as well as all preservation groups at that time were unable to look after these wonderful machines that were moved and parked in perfect running condition. They were subsequently stripped and robbed of any conceivable piece of brass and copper as well as a number of spare parts. It is quite obvious that this was the work of people who knew what they were looking for. every bit of brass etc stolen has been removed in exactly the same way. May those guilty parties steam in hell one day for their gain from these deeds is a fraction of what the loss is to the whole country.

Patons Country Railway has undertaken to restore two of the locomotives at Millsite: The GF 2416 and the GCA 2199. To help fund this task a restoration fund has been set up. A DVD of the Patons Country Railway operations as well as the most recent Steam Locomotive Safari Tour are available at R 100-00 each. The proceeds of these sales will be used to help fund the restoration. 

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2416split.jpg (153688 bytes)

2416wtender.jpg (158527 bytes)

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Disbelief at the wrecks at Millsite

Splitting the loco

Fortunately water tender steel still reasonable

Lifting the boiler and coal tender for loading

Loaded and ready to go

2416masons.jpg (182061 bytes)

2416off.jpg (130911 bytes)

Witness 060714_GF 2416 arriving in PMB.JPG (165942 bytes)

GF 2416 arrives at Masons Mill

Off loading 2416

Witness article

Checking boiler. The boiler is in excellent condition 2416 now assembled and moved into the loco shed at Masons Mill. The loco is waiting for funding for the purchasing of brass spares and piping.