Some Pictures of the trips undertaken by Patons Country Railway with the domeless19D no 2669.

The locomotive and currently 3 coaches belong to the Ingwe ( Creighton Municipality ). The pictures are destined to provide a history of the trips made by Patons Country Railway using the 19D

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2669 getting ready to depart from Masons mill to Creighton 19 March 2005

First trip - golf Course end 

First trip depart station

First trip depart station

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Minister trip 25 June 2005 The famous Aloe trip 30 July 2005 Turning 2669 for the visiting veterinarians trip

Some of the veterinarians 13 Sep05

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Minister of tourism trying out the rail bike

Opening speech

Trip to Underberg 19 Nov 2005

Singisi forrest trip Running around at Singisi

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Crossing shot at Pevensey siding World famous Aloe trip 15 July 2006 Second Aloe trip 29 July 2006 Turning 2669 before the aloe trip