The Aloe Trips

Annually Patons Country Railway run the aloe trip which takes tourists along the NGWANGWA River. The river is named after the Pied Starlings which nest in abundance on its banks. "Gwee-gwees", but the old Zulu name according to original documents is NGWANGWA.

The train ride travels along the river valley where if the sardines are abundant along the coast the aloes are plentiful and red - or rather the other way round

This annual trip is a good example of how an under utilised state asset can be used to create an income generating segment of the econnomy with direct down stream benefit for the impoverished local population.

Aloes 2006

The gorge 1

The gorge 2

The gorge 3

The gorge 4

Enjoying the food on the train prepared by qualified chefs - not just a catering experience.

Lounge type seating. next year these seats will sell at a premium

Caboose compartment. The caboose is cut off from the rest of the train Caboose open area. The front area is ideal for a large group Caboose door way. The second caboose has wide doors offering spectacular views of the country side.

Afternoon trip. The sun has moved to the other side of the mountains Locals providing entertainment for tourists to part with their money. Back at the station trade is brisk with sales of crafts and food Visitors enjoying themselves. You meet fantastic people on the train. Long lost friends and relatives find each other again.