The Banana Express comes to a sandy end for a while

The NGG 16 no 151 ploughed into a half meter sand wall covering the tracks on the Banana Express at about 10 20 on Saturday morning following a freak storm at Port Shepstone. Fortunately the locomotive was travelling slowly at the time and ended up not quite on its side with the one row of wheels still touching mother earth. No one was injured in the incident. The locomotive was the only veihcle that came off the tracks when it tried to plough through the sand bank
There is very little damage to the locomotive and it will be in service again by this Thursday. 


151ploughing.jpg (74936 bytes)

151jacking.jpg (70236 bytes)

151humour.jpg (65160 bytes)

151end.jpg (40221 bytes)

Ploughing with NGG16 no 151 Inch by inch the loco is jacked A painful moment  End of a long hard day

151slide2.jpg (67570 bytes)

151slide.jpg (75835 bytes)

151hooked.jpg (59477 bytes)

151station.jpg (43976 bytes)

Loco eventually jacked and starts to slide off other side Loco a few inches from falling off sleepers on the other side 151 hooked and ready to go at 9-10 on Thursday just in time before main train is to leave Passengers waiting for the Banana Express saw a rear sight as 127 towed 151 back to the sheds