Project Beneficiaries

Carisbrooke School

The Patons Country Railway project has made a difference to the lives of a number of people. To this end it has achieved and is still achieving one of its major objectives: wealth creation.

The track laying team in Ixopo managed and owned by B Tenza. These men are highly skilled not only in all aspects of track laying and maintainance but have developed skills in building and construction. Tenza and his team work as contractors for PCNGR and the business is owned by Bheki Tenza who employs his own labour and submits his invoices every two weeks. His team varies from between 8 and 15 people.

The track laying team in Port Shepstone is managed and owned by Madiba assisted by Hlope. Their team of 8 was left destitute after the closure of ACR. They are given as much work as possible in Shepstone and depending on negotiations will soon be given the contract to open the line to Harding. They are a highly skilled team in aspects of track laying and maintenanace. PCNGR have brought much needed relief to the communities and business at Izotsha by reopening the railway line from Port Shepstone to Izotsha. Crafters welcomed the train especially during holiday seasons when they are able to sell their goods to holiday makers.

The loco maintenance team is owned and managed by R & J Boiler works who employs some 5 people who are rapidly learning the skills of loco repairs and restoration.

The Carisbrooke School and community have benefited directly and greatly. So far the school has received donations of computers and fax machines from Norwegian tourists, books from American tourists, the children have received gifts of food, toys and clothing from visiting schools taken by train to Carisbrooke school, Fans, heaters and lunch boxes from SABC, food, gifts and a special fun day also from SABC. The community also receives 10% of tours taken to the school by PCNGR.

Patons Country railway has assisted Umgeni Steam Railway with their track work at Inchanga. Tenza and his team have spent some 4 weeks laying track into the sheds and the yard at Inchanga. This has been undertaken at a cost of over R20 000-00 to Patons Country Railway.

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Tenza and his team laying points at Ixopo

Preparing track bed beyond Ncalu

Pit built by Tenza and team

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Loco gang Port Shepstone restoring wagons

Excited headmaster and staff with pc's donated by Norwegian tourists from Allesand

Cooking food for guests at SABC3 day

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PCNGR packing food hampers for children

Papwa co ordinator of event at Carisbrooke

Lotselie of Isidingo handing out gift packs

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Pupils from GHS Durban on a traditional tour

GHS girls enthralled by the performance of Carisbrooke School pupils

Crafter from Izotsha doing brisk trade with passengers from the Banana Express

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Patons Country Railway Laying track for USR March 2004 at Inchanga

Laying track again February 2005

Patons Country Railway assist in providing water to the Carisbrooke community

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GHS pupils performing for the children of Carisbrooke. GHS return for second time with food and gifts for children of Carisbrooke  




Denn Shoba Principal of Carisbrooke school inspects the Computers.