Every Sunday - Train leaves Ixopo at 10-30 am and returns by 2-00 pm. The vintage steam train travels from Ixopo to Ncalu siding  beyond Carisbrooke- and back to Ixopo. Bring your own picnic & enjoy lunch at Ncalu station on the veranda of the 103 year old  Mid Ilovo station building while enjoying Alan Paton's view & its surrounding beauty.   Lunch can also be supplied.
Train ride through Paton's Country. Train leaves Ixopo at 10-30 am and returns to Ixopo at 3-30 pm. Stop at Carisbrooke, hike up Carisbrooke hill and then down to Ncalu siding., Expierence the views then picnic or braai at Ncalu Station.
Train ride to Carisbrooke siding and then travel by vehicle to Carisbrooke school. Enjoy singing & dancing by the school pupils whilst enjoying a traditional lunch. See plaque of      remembrance. This tour is available on demand and for groups of 6 or more people.
FULL DAY TOUR--includes above with readings from "Cry The Beloved Country" and refreshments on the train
Every Friday evening the pub is open at the station.
Experience the thrill of a night time ride with a steam train
Spend a weekend of steam in Ixopo starting with the Friday night experience and staying at one of the many places to stay in the area.
Stay in one of the places to stay, enjoy Friday night steam trip, relax on Saturday and end off a memorable stay with the train trip on Sunday.
Travel on all steam railways operated by PCNGR. Thursday am Banana Express, Friday night Paton Express, Saturday afternoon Eshayamoya express--Creighton standard gauge,
Sunday morning Paton Express Ixopo to Carisbrooke. Prices on request. Travel from the Sea to the Mountains.
Please Note
: Special train trips are available any day of the week for groups of at least 6 people or for a minimum cost . These  will depend on the locomotive required for the trip. Traditional tours can be tailored to suite your needs.
How to get there:
From Durban travel towards Pietermaritzburg. Take Richmond Ixopo glide off and travel  south along R56 to Ixopo 130 km from Durban.
From Pietermarizburg travel south along R 56 through Richmond to Ixopo some 85 km from Pietermaritzburg
From the coast: Travel to Scotburugh /Pennington and take the road to Umzinto Highflats and Ixopo. 80 km from Scotturugh. Travel up the main road into Ixopo and turn right at the Engen garage Lusted and Johnson

The  Paton's Country Railway Project
- Patons Country Narrow Gauge Railway - A Section 21 Company
E-mail:kznrail@futurenet.co.za  www.futurenet.co.za/pcngr

An expression of confidence in the people and the country.
The project seeks to create wealth amongst the desperately poor at the same time offering a unique experience to the
tourist. To achieve this end the project has 3 main objectives:
1. Wealth creation in the form of micro and small to medium scale businesses located along and close to the famous stretch of railway line traveling through Paton"s Country
2. Restoring the missing railway line from Ixopo to
Umzimkulu. This in itself will create employment             opportunities as well as providing an important link with the Eastern Cape. It will be the tourism kick start for        Umzimkulu.
3. Preserving and restoring the remaining steam and
diesel locomotives as well as ensuring that the existing     section of railway line and bed from Ixopo to Madonella is preserved and declared a national heritage site.
Once the project is fully operational and the line replaced all the way to Madonella station over 2000 rural people will benefit from the project.
A small diesel locomotive, an 8 ton Lenning known as the   Paton's Mini Express, was initially used to bring tourists to the heart of Africa and the Zulu and Xhosa experience.
Now one of 3 steam locomotives travel along the railway line from Ixopo to Carisbrooke and beyond to Ncalu. The trip winds its way past the back of Ixopo High School where Alan Paton taught,  along open veld passing a spectacular display of wild flowers in the spring and Autumn. The line passes the original water supply of Ixopo at Bush Hill, and then through Saligna  plantations neatly arranged in rows and then on its way through the cuttings and fern covered natural forests. The line was constructed in 1912 and all the cuttings made by hand.  Carisbrooke siding provides the exit point for tourists on the Alan Paton tour to the Carisbrooke School site of the original filming of Cry The Beloved Country. The area is peaceful, safe and well conserved.
Some comments from tourists:" I have been to Disneyland and traveled the world--this was one of the most exciting rides I have had" --S. Wood travel Correspondent Sunday Times. "A truly amazing experience--most moving" - Group of
Norwegian tourists from Alesund--Norway.  All funds collected from ticket sales are used for projects in the area.

GLYNN  AT  0832738037 or
Phone: 0823741417 or (27)0398342963
P.O Box 87 Ixopo 3276
Email: kznrail@futurenet.co.za