Carisbrooke School benefits from Rail Tourism - Transnet Freight Rail (TFR) - ex Spoornet can help to make a difference.

Over the years the Carisbrooke School and community have benefited tremendously from rail tourism and in particular the Paton Country Railway.

The school was given a tremendous boost when children from the USA managed to collect over R 100 000-00 worth of computers, calculators, pens and books. Patons Country Railway was instrumental in bringing the visitors to the district and securing the donation together with Pierre Horn from Himeville who also delivered the computers to the Allwoodburn Station and then to the School on Sunday.

Rail tourism and the " transformation of existing non-utilised assets into a dynamic income-generating segment of an overall tourism initiative that will directly involve and contribute to the upliftment the poor and previously disadvantaged rural community. The many largely intact abandoned railway lines in the country can be re-instated to working order. "

Exposure of the rural areas to tourists will ensure that the communities benefit tremendously should this type of initiative be supported by TFR. As one of the inspectors pointed out there can be a tremendous use put to these railway lines by using them to bring children to schools.