The 4 Cylinder Diesel Hunslet

The Locomotive was built for doornkop Sugar Mill by Hunslet in 1953. It was one of the first diesel locomotives to replace steam and was their No. 2. . It is number 4404 and is powered by a 98 hp Gardiner diesel motor. It and other locos were abandoned on site at the loco shed next to the old sugar mill. The Narrow Gauage Preservation Group bought the loco from the land owner in the late 1990's. The loco was stored at Inchanga and then moved to Ixopo for restoration by the PCNGR and restored to running order. It was sent to Paddock for work by The Locomotive Works - Sean Stanton where the wheels were restored and the loco built to a railworthy condition. The loco was then returened to PCNGR at Ixopo where it was stuck in one gear. The starter motor had furthermore been incorrectly mounted and kept on climbing over the ring gear and shattering the mounting plate. Further work had to be done by PCNGR to bring it to a reliable useable condition

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Husnset at Allwoodburn Ixopo undergoing initial restoration Husnset at Allwoodburn Ixopo- exhaust and air filters replaced Hunslet at Locomotive Works in Paddock - wheels loaded for re tyring

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Loco returns from Locomotive works Port shepstone

Preparing to Offload the loco

Hunslet on its first trip with with councillors Smith and Lea Cox

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Hunslet going out to work with the restored B - Wagon Husnlet restored - returning from a trip. Loco at Ncalu siding beyond Carisbrooke - currently the end of the line.