Work has just begun on the section between Ncalu siding and Madonela. Tenza and his team began levelling the track bed and laying sleepers - all by hand on 14 March 2005. The photos show where the ballast has been removed by the land owners and the drains destroyed. The original track bed has been used as a road.

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Laying sleepers out of Ncalu siding towards Madonela. Levelling track bed. The line has been uplifted and sold by ACR to Welsh Higland Railways. Crossing into the neighbouring farm - leveling the bed where clearly the ballast has been removed

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Selby Dlamini from Spoornet inspecting laying line to Madonela - km 19

Track laying proceeding to km 20

Track bed on way to Madonela

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Reservoir in the middle of the track bed at   km 21

Bridge at Madonela

Bridge over dam at Madonela km 27

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Spraying the Extension of line to Madonella Inserting sleepers and ballast approx km 22 Laying line just beyond km 22
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NGG11 no 55 on the Ncalu Extension after some 25 years View of the valley below near the end of the extension Thanks to Total Ixopo the project can continue. The project was put on hold when Spoornet suddenly closed the Banana Express - 35 people were dismissed or lost contracts. Workers departing from Ncalu station.
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A very much relieved Tenza and the track gang resumed duty on Monday 7 August. Here some of the labourers are loosening bolts for sleepers Moving 18m lengths of line from 2 km up the line Moving line into position
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The T bolt loosening operation has been moved down to Ncalu Extracting line using the diesel Hunslett Lossening bolts and view of reservoir
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Removing Reservoir on the way to Umzimkulu The end of the obstruction Unhappy landowner having his say
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Railway line now in place where reservoir once stood