Clearing the line Cleared Line sleepers116
Clearing the track for loading Track cleared ready for the Truck to load Replacing sleepers that have deterioated over the years
tender winched winched
Winching the tender onto the low bed Tenza and his gang winching loco boiler and coal tender unit onto lowbead. Note use of bogies under the rear section of the boiler. this means the unit need not be split thus saving one trip. This system was used when PCNGR transported GF 2416 NGG16 no 116 now winched onto the low bed after some 6 hours of winching. Two winches were used - One as part of Sandstone's equipment and one by kind favour of Derek Classen's farm manager.
116assemble Shunting 116 parked
Preparing 116 for assembling after off loading Shunting the loco with the small Hunslet diesel The loco in place for restoration to begin.
studs blanking
Removing broken studs. A process of heating and using biodiesel mad it possible to screw the broken studs out without damage to the boiler or need to retap them. Note 116's chimney in place. Preparing the boiler for its initial test. Here blanks are being made