During the late 1900's the NGG11 was recognised as the loco of choice for the narrow gauge line between Ixopo and Madonella. Correspondence was entered into between the Weenen municipality and PCNGR and a letter was written to a Mrs. Laatz the then acting municipal manager. The request for the locomotive was initially granted but then later with drawn by the new council the Umshezi municipality. Other avenues were then sought to obtain the locomotive and correspondence was once again entered into via councilors from Ingwe municipality namely D L Smith and B A Ngobo. After a meeting at Weenen with the councilors and municipal staff from Weenen, Ixopo and Creighton, the Weenen municipality decided to release the locomotive to the Ixopo municipality for safe guarding and restoration to working order. Quotes were then called for and a chance meeting at Sandstone Estates resulted in the kind offer being made by Wilfred Moll to restore the locomotive. Sandstone were to restore the Locomotive at whatever cost despite the fact that PCNGR had only managed to obtain funding to the amount of R 200 000-00. After much deliberation amongst the PCNGR  members it was decided to send the locomotive to Sandstone for restoration. An attempt was made to restore the loco at Sandstone and after a while the loco was moved to Bloemfontein to Lucas Nel's workshops for restoration. The Loco is now at Sandstone where it is being finished by Rolf van Wyngaard - "Oom Stoom" before being delivered to Patons Country Narrow Gauge Railway in Ixopo its original home.


Meeting at Sandstone Estates to decide the fate of the NGG11.

 from left - JulianPereira ceo Patons Country Narrow Guage Railwayr, Geoff Pethic consultant Sandstone, Wilfred Mol owner Sandstone, Dudley Smith councilor Ingwe muncipality. 

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The First meeting with Weenen municipality for the acquisition of the NGG11. NGG11 loaded on its way to Sandstone Estates. Initial assessment by SGGE boiler engineers in Rosslyn was that the boiler had to be scrapped. G Pethic of Sandstone informs PCNGR that the locomotive could not be repaired and should be scrapped.

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Loading the Water tender for Sandstone. Inspection by members of PCNGR and Stevens mechanical proved that the boiler could be repaired Restored boiler waiting for collection at SGE Engineering works.

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Quote from Sandstone Estates to repair NGG11. The NGG11 at Bloemfontein ready for steaming. NGG11 just before loading and transporting to Sandstone for steaming and checking.

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NGG11 Components at Sandstone before being moved to Bloemfontein. Putting some finishing touches to the NGG11 at Sandstone Estates. NGG11 ready for its second steaming at Sandstone before its journey to Ixopo.