Photo History

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First outing Trolley pushed from Stainton to Carisbrooke +- 1999

Passengers on the Lenning - the first "locomotive and coach" used since the late 1990's's

Selby Dlamini CEO Spoornet Inspecting the Lenning at Stainton

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Inspection Trolley at Stainton

Hunslet end cab the first real locomotive returning from a trip. Hunslet end cab driven by Julius Zulu traveling along the line.

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Enjoying a picnic at Ncalu Guards van plus coach drawn by the Hunslet Avonside 2038 at forest Glen - PCNGR to run steam only from June 2004 Neal Bodger member of PCNGR responsible for some of the restoration work on the Avonside 2038

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NGG11 about to steam out of Ixopo

NGG11 on its first trip

AlWoodburn Siding


Laying track towards Umzimkulu

Moving line 18m lengths at 750 kg each