The Tourism Project

The project aims at establishing the area along the railway line as one of the most sought after tourism destinations in KwaZulu Natal.

The unique features of the Narrow Gauge Railway and the location of the country Alan Paton made famous serves to attract tourist to the area.

Locals need to be educated and taught how to make use of this opportunity. To this end a restaurant come cooking school is one of the projects Patons Country Railway is currently busy with.

During September 2006 a couple, Ray and Judy Magnesun visited Ixopo and happened to see the train about to leave on a trip. They bought tickets and upon returning told of their friend Ray Allborough who lived in one of the railway homes close to the railway line. They had a wood and iron house on their farm and offered it to us.  Interestingly the home was situated near Mpushini siding close to the power station supplying Eskom for the Electrified old main line. Its construction suggests that it may have been the station masters home.

This is then to serve as the base for the necessary training of the local people for the hospitality trade.

The old house built in 1903 using Oregon Pine First Impressions were not too good There was much timber inside the house Other side view. There was an extension on the back.

Five days later the house had been dismantled Ray and Judy look on in dismay One month later the track gang began restoring the Mpushini house All work done by hand to provide maximum employment opportunities

Frame work of Oregon pine over 100 years old More framework showing doors and windows Interior after the cladding has been replaced Cladding complete some 105 years old

Japanese film group enjoying a freezing cold evening in the unfinished building. This kind of oven can be built anywhere and uses wood. Den Shoba talks to Pierre Horn of Underberg who with PCNGR organised 20 computer, pencils and calculators for the children of Carisbrooke School. Members of Generation Joy foundation who collected computers for Carisbrooke school enjoying Pizzas.

Landrover and Trailer arrive with pc's donated by Generation Joy Foundation Carrying the PC's into the Carisbrooke School office Den Shoba, very excited about the PC's and gifts Curtis Betzler and some of the children who collected the PC's pens and calculators for the school