The KwaZulu Natal 2006 Steam Loco Safari Tour took place from the 30 May to the 3rd June.

To make up for the fact that the Banana Express was closed, the tour decided to visit the Alan Paton railway for a second time on the Saturday. There was a need to turn the loco around and R 16 000 was made available to turn the locomotive. A lorry was to be used to turn the loco around. however Patons Country Railway decided to rather use the money to build a permanent structure. a turntable was built in two weeks to turn the loco and a video has been produced of the tour and showing the turning of the locomotive.

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Building the Turntable using a trailer pivot and 25mm steel plates Steam Loco Safari Tour inspecting the construction of the turntable Building the Turntable - Tuesday before the the turn on the Thursday Turning the Hunslet diesel

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Turning NGG11 not as easy The completed David Rogers turntable