Track Lifting.  

  •  Lifting of railway line from the section between Donnybrook and Umzinto. These are sections of line left over by the contractors who were awarded the tender for lifting the line. Their contract had expired in March 2001 and they continued to illegally lift line up to October. The PCNGR pointed this out to Spoornet and the contractor was eventually stopped from lifting line in November. Initially R 1 500 000 worth of railway line scrap value was saved from being cut up for scrap by the PCNGR. This figure has now grown to over R 3 000 000.

  • Much of the line left by the contractors is situated in rough terrain and is difficult to locate and extract. The line is covered by land slides in places and this has to be cleared by hand. In many places the line is covered with dense vegetation and this too has to be cleared first before the line can be loosened and transported to the load site where the material is stacked for transport.

  • More railway line, sleepers and 4 sets of points discovered buried at Masonite January and February 2004.

  • Track Lifting Photo History

Track Laying 

Track laying is continuing and some 2 km of track towards Umzimkulu has been replaced.


Coaches and Wagons

Sheds At Allwoodburn

Building at Ncalu - the MidIlovo station building is rescued by PCNGR

The Creighton Project

Stainton Siding now restored

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